Newsweek/The Daily Beast had a boat-load of content they wanted massaged into a best of experience.

Here’s what I gave them: a sharp-looking, easy-to-navigate, content-rich page, incorporating loads of lists, with multiple ways to view the data; plus it worked well on all devices.

The jam-packed Newsweek Daily Beast Digital Power Index.

The Newsweek Daily Beast Digital Power Index was a new product: a listing of 100 influential and powerful forces in the digital sphere. It was to be a complement to Newsweek’s print publication, and be able to stand on its own.

The creative brief imagined it as a mini-site, with pages for each list. Instead, I produced a low barrier, rich user experience, keeping the bulk of the content on a single page, utilizing AJAX and jQuery for accordion and tab navigation. Though we were required to link off-page to slideshows for advertising impressions, this layout kept users within the experience, reinforcing the breadth of the content.

Being a one-off project (not being turned into reusable components) all code, stylesheets and JavaScript had to be included in a snippet on the page. Admittedly, the web standardista in me cringed, but all went well. The end-result was visually pleasing, full-featured and served as a model for other products.

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