Event production and management

Since 2010 I have managed booking for workshops domestically and internationally. I often attend and assist in the workshops, as well as provide continued communication with students and hosts. In addition, I book travel and accommodations, and handle contractual communications and schedules.

Yoga Anatomy and The Breathing Project / Event producer and project manager

  • Manage teaching schedules, and travel and lodging reservations
  • Negotiate contracts, track payments and terms of pay
  • Provide yoga teaching assistance
  • Manage onsite timelines, facilitator and attendee experience
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Design promotional graphics 
  • Prepare anatomical illustrations for anatomy trainings and workshops

Since 2010 I have managed travel and booking for 25-40 workshops a year, often as part of multi-week  domestic and international teaching tours. I traveled and assisted in the workshops, as well as provided continued communication with students and hosts.

I’ve researched and implemented appropriate technologies based on project needs and limitations including a white-label online training course, student and teacher manuals, website and writing projects, and non-profit fundraisers. Currently in progress is an educational subscription video hub.

“From the moment the conversation begins about scheduling an event, to the aftermath of tying up loose ends, Lydia is attentive, detailed, precise, proactive, and the best problem-solver I’ve ever worked with.”

– Annie Moyer, Sun & Moon Yoga

“Her depth of knowledge combined with her ability to communicate compassionately is unmatched. Further, Lydia’s experience in the business of yoga and putting on multi-day workshops at scale is critical to their success”

– Karen Sahetya, Brand Central Marketing

KNMLabs  / Event producer and lab manager


Produce and manage lab events:

  • Manage event finances – initiate contracting, creation and management of P&L, negotiate and manage costs and payment terms, facilitate payments. 
  • Design promotional materials including logos, graphics and visual themes
  • Manage promotional campaigns and cooperative marketing efforts, including email mailing lists, social media and printed collateral. 
  • Onsite manager – keep timelines, manage facilitators and attendees and ensure positive attendee experience
  • Order and manage receipt of specimens and surgical tools and PPE. 
  • Video manager – design and manage technological set up, oversee and direct camera persons, photo and video editing.
  • Write and manage all communications with students, vendors, and  lab managers throughout the one-year lead-up to each event.

“Lydia’s competencies span from tech set-ups and troubleshooting live calls to comprehensive administrative skills, contacts, enrollment and follow up with students as well as project and event management.”

– Gil Hedley, GilHedley.com

“Lydia has an excellent eye for seeing how the particulars serve the big picture, and creates organized and practical processes that make projects more efficient, streamlined, and elegant.”

– Rachel Scott, Education Expert and professional instructional designer

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