Communications design

My design philosophy is consistent, whether serving large or small businesses: Make it beautiful. Make it usable. Make it work.

I help companies figure out who they should be communicating with, how best to reach them, and using which technologies. I can see a project straight through—from research, strategy, information architecture, user experience and visual design—or focus on any one of those areas, as need be.

I build bridges between creative, technology and business stakeholders, establishing and cultivating critical partnerships. While assessing goals and limitations, I select and implement best practice solutions, documenting processes and enabling non-technical professionals with tools they need.

Each project presents a puzzle with unique challenges to solve, whether a website, application or intranet. My job is to tease out a story, ask the right questions and give a solution dimension, helping communicate to a desired audience in a friendly, accessible, easily comprehended way.

I favor teaming with developers to rapidly iterate through wireframes, workflows and use cases, collaborating to bring together mutual expertise and perspectives in a unified solution.

If this approach appeals to you and you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact me.

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